X D Smart Farm Platform Mobile APP can be downloaded from any APP stores: Apple, Android and Windows store. The APP Icon is shown as below:


After login X D Smart Farm Platform APP, click main menu button (see red rectangle below) to open menu items.


When entering data, fields with red star are mandatory fields , must have values.


Fields with “lock” symbol are read-only fields.


After login X D Smart Farm Platform APP, enter data in “Accounts”, “Properties”, “Fields”, “Seeds” and “Chemicals”. And then continue with other operations.

Farm Activity and Produce Traceability

Farm Activity is an important part of X D Smart Farm Platform. After Fields, Chemical and Seeds are setup, enter Farm Activity becomes simple.

1. Open Farm Activities, click “+”, add New Farm Activity.


2. Then select Activity Type.


3. Next step, click “+”, select planted fields.


4. If Activity Type is Fertilizing, for example, click “+”, select/add Chemicals.


5. Next step, click “+”, select/add Work Forces.


6. To add attachment (for example, pictures), click Notes, and then click Add Attachment button.


7. All Farm Activity data will be recorded in Produce Trace-ability module, and form a data chain, so the produce trace-ability data can be retrieved via web services.


Fertilizer Management

There are close relationships between crop yields and fertilizer applications. Inadequate use of fertilizers has negative effects on soil fertility. Over-using fertilizers is not only costly, but also creates soil health problems. With the help of computer modelling, applying fertilizers can be correlated to the target yield and be split according to the growing stage of the crop.


XD Smart Farm Platform uses data from Crop Variety, Target Yield and Yield without Fertilizer, to calculate Nutrition Target Values. And then give advices on fertilizer applications.

Below are the steps of how to use XD Smart Farm Platform APP to manage fertilizing.

  1. Enter data for Chemicals, please remember to fill in Nutrition Percentage values for the chemicals.


  1. Go to Fertilizer Management, add New Fertilizer Management. Planted Field, Yield Goal and Yield without Fertilizer are mandatory fields.


  1. After Save, XD Smart Farm Platform does the calculation and gives target values of N,P,K.


  1. And then select Fertilizers, after Save XD Smart Farm Platform will advise application amounts.


  1. Features: easy to use; computer model calculation for fertilizer management is accurate.
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